1Password 8 Features

App state restoration

App state restoration

Pick up right where you left off when you re-open 1Password after closing the window.

Browser extension

Smart autofill

Get intelligent autofill suggestions while you browse the web.

Smart passwords

1Password detects website-specific password requirements to suggest passwords that meet those requirements.



Create personalized Collections to see only the vaults and accounts you want to see.

Dark Mode

Dark mode

Enable a beautiful dark mode experience whenever you want, or switch automatically based on your system settings.


New design language

1Password 8 has been redesigned from the ground up with our own Knox design language so you get a consistent experience on every device.

New item icons

Categories have a brand new look thanks to refreshed icons.

New lock screen design

The new lock screen features a clean, streamlined visual design and multiple enhancements.

Unified titlebar

The new, unified titlebar puts everything you need to navigate 1Password in one place.

Responsive large type

Display a resizable version of your username, password, or any other field for better visibility (supports dark mode).


Export to 1PUX

Export your 1Password data – including files – in a new format so you can back it up or take it with you.

Item list and editor

Back & forward navigation

Never lose your place again. Navigate with ease with new back/forward buttons.


1Password now saves drafts as you make changes to an item, so you’ll never lose your place if you’re interrupted while editing.

File attachments

Attach files to item type to store and sync them securely.

Markdown notes

Secure notes now support Markdown formatting, so you can style your notes using plain text.

New item editing experience

Item editing is easier, cleaner, and more intuitive.

Open items in new window

Open items in their own pop-up window for quick reference.

Recently deleted

Easily recover recently deleted items.

Security question answers

Keep your personal information private by generating randomized answers to security questions for your logins.

Tag suggestions

Quickly apply tags for easy organization with tag suggestions and auto-complete.

Username suggestions

Auto-completing username suggestions save time and eliminate guesswork when creating logins.

Item suggestions catalog

Item suggestions catalog

Quickly add new items to 1Password from the searchable item suggestions catalogue.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut reference window

View all available keyboard shortcuts in the handy keyboard shortcut reference window.

Lock Screen

Account avatars

See all your accounts at a glance, right from the lock screen.

Reveal password

Reveal your password as you’re typing for easier unlocking.


Built on Rust

1Password is built on the Rust programming language for speed and memory safety.

Improved speed

Every interaction and animation in 1Password 8 has been finely tuned for faster, smoother performance.

Support for high refresh rate monitors

Enjoy a smooth, responsive experience at refresh rates above 60fps on compatible displays.

Quick Access

Open app detection

Quick Access detects open apps and offers autofill suggestions.

Quick Access

Find and fill logins for websites or open apps from anywhere on your PC using Quick Access.


Quick Find

Quick Find surfaces items, categories, and tags so you can zero in on what you need.

Smart search suggestions

Smart search learns what you use most often so you always get the most relevant results.


Automatic migration from 1Password 7

Automatically transfer accounts from 1Password 7 to 1Password 8.

Enhanced sign-in

Add accounts to 1Password 8 for Windows from your web browser with a single click.


External sharing

Securely share items with anyone, even if they don't use 1Password.

Item sharing details

View and manage access to shared vaults in Teams and Families accounts.

Vault creation & customization

Create as many vaults as you need to organize and share secrets with others.

Two-factor authentication

Security key multi-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of protection by using physical security keys for two-factor authentication.


Change website passwords

Watchtower helps you identify and quickly change weak or vulnerable passwords.

HTTPS Everywhere & DuckDuckGo integration

Powered by DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption, Watchtower will let you know if one of your logins supports a more secure connection.

Watchtower dashboard

Get an overview of your security situation – along with suggestions for improving it – from the new Watchtower dashboard.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello Integration

Use Windows Hello for faster unlocking.