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1Password Features

1Password comes with everything you need to protect, fill, and securely share your passwords, credit cards, and other private information.

Save and sign in with passkeys (beta)

Create, save, and sign in with passkeys using the public beta version of 1Password in the browser.

Unlock 1Password with a passkey (coming soon)

Secure and unlock your 1Password account with a passkey, rather than an account password and Secret Key.

Manage and share passkeys

View, edit, move, share, and delete passkeys using the 1Password desktop and mobile apps.

Discover where you can start using passkeys (beta)

Watchtower will let you know when one of your existing accounts can be secured with a passkey.

Account Management

Unlock accounts separately

If you’re signed in to multiple accounts, unlock just the one you need by entering the password associated with that account during unlock.

All accounts view

View all accounts in one simplified view.

State restoration on launch

Pick up right where you left off when you re-open 1Password after closing the window.


Autofill in Mac apps and macOS system password prompts

Autofill now works beyond the browser, in Mac apps and system password prompts.

Autofill any item type including 2FA codes

Autofill virtually any item type, from security questions to two-factor authentication codes.

Autosubmit after autofilling

1Password automatically submits forms after autofilling.

Associate logins with Mac apps

Manually link logins with their associated Mac apps to log in automatically in the future.

Browser extension

More robust browser extension integration

1Password for Mac and 1Password in the browser now work as one with faster, more seamless integration.



Create personalized collections to see only the vaults and accounts you want to see.

Data recovery

Data recovery on crash/power loss

1Password will automatically recover your data in the event of a crash or power interruption.


Redesigned, collapsible sidebar

Hide the sidebar entirely for an unobstructed editing view.

Hide tags and categories in sidebar

Clean up your sidebar by hiding tags and categories.

Back/forward navigation buttons

Navigate with ease with new back and forward buttons.

Pin/unpin item windows

Pin 1Password item windows to keep them on top of other windows, then unpin when you’re finished.

Redesigned lock screen

Reveal your password, create account avatars and more from the redesigned lock screen.

Better keyboard navigation in sidebar and item details

Speed through your workflows with improved keyboard navigation in the sidebar and item details view.

Text field improvements, including multi-line text

Easily add multiple lines of text in a text field by pressing enter to create a new line.

Knox design language

1Password has been redesigned from the ground up with our own Knox design language so you get a consistent experience on every device.

Icon improvements - New category icons and colorful sidebar icon

Refreshed icons add clarity and color to categories and the sidebar.

Responsive, resizable large type

Display a resizable version of your username, password, or any other field for better visibility (supports dark mode).

Right-click context menus in item fields

Right click on item fields to see new context menus and perform quick actions.

Shoulder-surfing privacy protection

Sensitive information is hidden by default to protect against accidental sharing while in public places or screen sharing

Tooltips on icon buttons

Get helpful tooltips when you hover over icon buttons.

Confirmations when moving to/from shared vaults

To prevent accidental sharing, a new dialog will ask for confirmation when you move items to or from shared vaults.

Add custom icons

Make 1Password yours by adding custom icons to your items in editing mode.

Mouse hover effects

To eliminate guesswork, 1Password now provides visual feedback when you hover over an interactive element.

New animations

New animations and all-round performance improvements make this the smoothest 1Password experience yet.

Lock state indication in menu bar

See 1Password lock status at a glance in the menu bar.

Create, manage, and sync SSH keys

Keep SSH keys off your local disc and securely sync them across your devices so they’re ready where and when you need them.

Push, pull, and sign Git commits

Use the 1Password SSH agent to sign and verify your Git commits when working with GitHub and GitLab.

Bring 1Password to your terminal

Use 1Password CLI to manage secrets, provision access, generate reports, and handle administrative tasks.

Authenticate CLIs with biometrics

Use biometrics in the command line to sign into over 60 CLIs and counting — or build your own integration.

Manage secrets in shared environments

Inject secrets into CI/CD pipelines, applications, and cloud infrastructure with 1Password Service Accounts.


Smarter Encryption integration for HTTPS

Powered by DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption, Watchtower will let you know if one of your logins supports a more secure connection.

1Password Personal integrations

Masked emails by Fastmail

Protect your real email address by creating ‘masked’ addresses when you sign up for new accounts. integration

Create Privacy Cards – virtual payment cards that protect you when you spend online – right from 1Password.

Phantom Wallet integration

Save your Phantom wallet details, including your account password, secret recovery phrase, and wallet address in 1Password.

Brex integration

Secure online business payments by using Brex virtual credit cards to check out online with just two clicks.

SSO and provisioning

Unlock 1Password with SSO, automatically provision and deprovision employees, and automate administrative tasks.

SIEM tools

Send account activity to SIEM tools to build custom graphs, dashboards, and alerts, or correlate 1Password events with other data.

Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security by using Duo – or hardware keys like Yubikey or Titan – for two-factor authentication.

Item list and editor

Category filter in item lists

Filter items by category to find what you need, fast.

Item drafts

1Password now saves drafts as you make changes to an item, so you’ll never lose your place if you’re interrupted while editing.

Crypto wallet items

Save your cryptocurrency wallet items in 1Password.

Streamlined item creator, editor, and toolbar

Creating and editing items is now faster and more intuitive with the streamlined creator, editor, and toolbar.

Security question generation

Keep your personal information private by generating random answers to security questions for your logins.

Item sharing information

In Teams and Families accounts, see who has access to items, and view and manage access to shared vaults.

Recently deleted items section

Easily recover recently deleted items.

File attachments

Attach files to items to store and sync them securely.

Streamlined item details toolbar

It’s now easier to get valuable information about an item at a glance and access quick actions from the item details toolbar.

New item editing options: undo move, delete, archive, preview files, download files

Delete, archive, preview or download files, and undo item moves from the item editing menu.

Item suggestions catalog

Item Catalog

Quickly add new items to 1Password from the searchable item suggestions catalog.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut reference

View all available keyboard shortcuts in the handy keyboard shortcut reference window.

Command + R reveal shortcut

Tap Command + R to reveal an obstructed password. Tap the shortcut again to obscure.

Keyboard shortcuts to switch accounts/collections

Easily switch accounts or collections with a keyboard shortcut.

Lock Screen

Clear secrets from memory when locked

When you lock 1Password, all secrets are cleared from system memory.


Faster launch, unlock, browsing, and editing

Big performance improvements mean locking, unlocking, browsing and editing your items is a smooth, responsive experience.

Reduced memory usage in the background

1Password has been optimized to run quietly in the background with significantly reduced memory usage.


Quick Find

Quick Find surfaces items, categories, and tags so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

Search to create popular logins

Search for popular logins right from 1Password to instantly create a new 1Password item for that service.

Quick Access

Quick Access

Summon Quick Access from anywhere on your desktop device to find and fill everything you need at the exact moment you need it.


Unobtrusive background updates

1Password will update quietly in the background so you’re always up-to-date, with no input required and no interruptions to your workflow.

Automatic migration from 1Password 7

Automatically transfer accounts from 1Password 7 to 1Password 8.

Scan Emergency Kit to add accounts

Automatically add your Emergency Kit to 1Password by scanning the included QR code.

Easy sign-in on

If you’re already signed in to, you can skip some fields during setup for faster sign-in.

Smart Suggestions

Username, tag and search suggestions

Smart search learns the usernames, tags, and searches you use most often and surfaces them when relevant.

Two-factor authentication

Instant 2FA code scanner

Add two-factor authentication secrets to 1Password items by scanning QR codes.

Webauthn two-factor authentication

You can now use Webauthn as a second factor for your 1Password account.


Watchtower dashboard

Get an overview of your security situation – along with suggestions for improving it – from the new Watchtower dashboard.

Shareable security score

Update your items (for example, with stronger passwords) to raise your Watchtower Security Score – and tweet your score right from 1Password, or copy it to the clipboard to share anywhere you like.

Dismissable Watchtower alerts

Dismiss Watchtower alerts with a click.

Actionable Watchtower banners

Take immediate action on Watchtower alerts with inline action buttons.

Change password links in Watchtower

When Watchtower alerts you to a weak password, the notification will now include a button to take you directly to the change password page for that service.