Script & automate access to your secrets

Sign in to the 1Password CLI with your fingerprint, and securely access everything you need during development.

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Securely create and share secrets

With the CLI in your scripts you can seamlessly create and update items, and create invitations to share with others.

Provision users and manage permissions

Invoke the CLI in your webhooks and pipelines to automatically provision and invite new users and set access controls.

Use service accounts for automated access

Service accounts can be used with CLI commands to perform scripts actions without tying secrets to a specific user.

Bring biometrics to every CLI

Say goodbye to storing API keys, database passwords, and other CLI credentials on disk. Authenticate your CLIs effortlessly using Touch ID, Apple Watch, or Linux System auth with an open-source plugin ecosystem.

60 open source plugins and counting

In partnership with 1Password, we’d like to highlight a 1Password Shell Plugin that makes authentication with the Twilio CLI as easy as scanning your fingerprint.

Anthony Dellavecchia, Developer Evangelist at Twilio

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