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What are passkeys?

Passkeys are your ticket to a password-free life. They’re easy to create and let you sign in to accounts in a flash. Your passkeys are stored on your smartphone or other trusted devices, and protected by biometrics or a device PIN. This new kind of login credential is supported by a growing number of websites and apps, password managers like 1Password, and every major platform from Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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How passkeys work

Every passkey consists of two interlocking parts: a public key that’s shared with the website or app you want to sign in to, and a private key that never leaves your devices. It's impossible to reverse-engineer one key from the other, which is what makes passkeys so secure and resistant to phishing attacks. No one can log in to your passkey-protected accounts without access to your passkeys (and a way to authorize the device that stores them). That means passkeys you choose to share stay safe with those you trust.

Want to learn more about how passkeys work? Read our passkeys FAQs

Passkeys vs. passwords

Passkeys are simpler to use than passwords because there's nothing to memorize, type out, or paste in. Instead, you sign in to accounts with a quick biometric scan or device PIN. Unlike passwords, you don’t have to come up with anything to make one or worry about how complex they are. Every passkey is strong and can only be used for one website or app. That means each account always has the best protection.

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Strong by default

Nothing to come up with or memorize

Built-in multi-factor authentication

Private key isn’t shared with app or website

Highly resistant to theft and phishing


Can be strong or weak

Needs to be memorized if not stored or recorded

No built-in multi-factor authentication

Password is shared with app or website

Can be intercepted or stolen via phishing

Why you should store your passkeys in 1Password

1Password is a password manager that lets you create, use, and share passkeys. Your passkeys are protected by the same proven security that millions of people and thousands of companies trust to protect their most important information. With 1Password, you can use passkeys with confidence on all of your devices, anywhere in the world.

desktop computer displaying sign in with passkey prompt

Sync your passkeys

Other solutions may not give you access to your passkeys everywhere you need them. 1Password offers a seamless passkey experience across your Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Share your passkeys

1Password lets you securely share your passkeys. Use shared vaults to make passkeys available to co-workers and family members, or use item sharing for short-term access.

Organize your digital life

Store your passkeys, passwords, and other sensitive information in one secure and convenient place. 1Password gives you everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Save and sign in with passkeys using 1Password

Create and use passkeys to sign in to websites and apps. Store your passkeys securely in 1Password, organize them with vaults and tags, and share them with co-workers, family members – anyone who needs access.

Availability: Create, save, and sign in with passkeys with the desktop version of 1Password in the browser, as well as your iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 devices. View, manage, and share your saved passkeys using 1Password for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Start using passkeys
spyglass indicating where to use passkeys

Discover where you can start using passkeys.

Watchtower will let you know when one of your existing accounts can be secured with a passkey.

password field broken in half depicting lost password

Sign in faster and more securely with passkeys.

Open the website you want to sign in to, find the sign in page or button, and let 1Password handle the rest.

human and passkey highlighting passwordless safety

Forget about forgotten passwords.

Goodbye, credential chaos. Use the correct passkey, password, or ‘sign in with’ service every time.

open folder indicating easy organization of passkey information

Move, organize, delete, and share your passkeys.

Use the 1Password you know and love to keep your passkeys and other sensitive data organized.

Unlock 1Password with a passkey

Streamline your digital life by unlocking your password manager with a passkey instead of an account password. Using a passkey is quick, convenient, and secure.

Availability: Create and unlock a new 1Password Individual account with a passkey (public beta). Unlock your existing 1Password account with a passkey on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android (coming soon).

You no longer need an account password or a Secret Key.

Securing 1Password with a passkey eliminates the need to manage an account password and Secret Key.

Unlock 1Password using your device biometrics.

Access 1Password with your passkey using Touch ID, Windows Hello, and other biometric solutions.

Sign in to 1Password on new devices more easily.

Use a device that’s already signed in to 1Password to unlock your account on additional devices.

Simplify setup for co-workers and family members.

Eliminating account passwords and Secret Keys makes it easier for others to start using 1Password.

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Add passkey support to your app or website

Don't let passwords derail your customers' purchases. Passage by 1Password is the fastest and most secure way to add passkey support to your website or app. Boost sales, increase security, and minimize password reset requests by implementing a passwordless login experience with just a few lines of code.

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Learn more about passwordless authentication

Passkeys are the future. And the future has already arrived. Check out the following resources to learn more about this new type of login credential, and how you can use them on any device to sign in securely.

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Download our essential guide to passkeys

Learn what passkeys are, how they work, and five reasons why your business should adopt them at the earliest opportunity.

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Discover where passkeys are supported

Visit our passkey directory to learn where you can start using passkeys, and upvote services that you wish had passkey support!

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FAQs about passkeys

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