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Whatever you need. It’s in 1Password.

If you need to keep it safe, keep it in 1Password. It’ll always be at your fingertips and ready to share, securely.

Life comes at you fast. 1Password keeps up.

Browser window displaying the Zoom login page. A 1Password popup offers to sign in using Google credentials linked to a Zoom account

Get in on the first try, every time

From today’s passwords to tomorrow's passkeys – and everything in-between, like signing in with Google, Apple, or other providers. login page, with 1Password offering to autofill the username and password fields with linked credentials

Autofill everything

Stop hunting for information. Save and fill usernames, passwords, two-factor authentication codes, form fields, and payment information automatically.

Phone displaying credit card details including number, verification number, and expiration date, with the title “Someone shared an item with you on 1Password” and a disclaimer that the shared item will expire on a certain date

Store & share with confidence

Passwords. Credit cards. Medical records. Even the front door code – keep it all in 1Password. Then securely share with your family, or send individual secrets to anyone, even if they don’t use 1Password.

Don't assume you're protected. Know it.

Your security sentinel

Watchtower gives you the at-a-glance information you need to stay safe – and take action when you need to. Watchtower will alert you to weak, compromised, or duplicated passwords.

In the palm of your hand

Watchtower will even let you know if sites offer two-factor authentication, or if they're using unsecured HTTP. And you can take the full Watchtower experience with you wherever you go.

Security isn't a feature. 
It's our foundation.

Explore the 1Password security model

Secure by design

Adding a Secret Key to your account password provides a unique extra layer of security for proven protection.

Private by default

We can’t see what you store in 1Password, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it – and neither can anyone else.

Verified by experts

Regular third-party audits and the industry’s largest bug bounty help us act on threats before they can affect you.

Hassle-free security for everyone


Take control of your online security.

New price is $2.99

USD per month

when annual billing is selected.

  • Use on all your devices

  • Unlimited items

  • 1GB secure storage


Peace of mind for you and the whole family.

New price is $4.99

USD per month,

when annual billing is selected

  • 5 family members

  • Simple admin experience

  • Friendly, expert support

Support illustration

Get started, or get answers

You’re one step closer to forgetting your passwords. Need a hand? Our support team is the best in the business (go ahead, ask around).

Compared to the competition, the simplicity and clean design of the 1Password interface stood out for us. Most importantly, we could see that anyone could easily get the hang of it – not just technical specialists

Dmitry Yackevich, Infrastructure Lead at Flo

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Frequently asked questions

    It’s not easy to keep track of all the passwords we use to log in to the sites and services we visit. Password managers like 1Password can autofill passwords directly into your web browser, so you don’t have to remember them. And because weak and reused passwords are a leading cause of security incidents, using a password manager like 1Password is an easy way to protect yourself. 1Password generates strong, secure passwords for you, then makes them available on all your devices.

    1Password customers can even share their passwords securely with anyone – even if the recipient isn’t a 1Password customer.

Ready for password peace of mind?