Roustem Karimov

Roustem Karimov ,Founder

For Roustem Karimov, 1Password started as a quick side project to solve the annoyance of remembering so many passwords when signing into different services. Of course, the rest is history!

As 1Password has grown, Roustem is proud of the team he’s helped build and all the customers he’s impacted along the way. One of his fondest memories is going to his first Technology Conference and happening to introduce himself to actual 1Password customers. It was fascinating to meet real people using his product.

Because of the constant growth and improvements going on at 1Password today, Roustem loves that he still gets the chance to continuously learn and try new things.

When he’s off the clock, Roustem enjoys watching hockey and practicing yoga – something he picked up in the early days of 1Password’s creation to keep him going through the long hours.