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Over 100,000 businesses trust 1Password

Password and secret management for your entire team

Best value for up to 10 users

Teams Starter Pack

Protect up to 10 team members.

New price is $19.99

USD per month.

  • Built-in risk detection

  • Selective sharing

  • Friendly, expert support


Security that adapts to your business.

New price is $7.99

USD per user, per month, when annual billing is selected.

  • Integrate with Azure AD, OneLogin, Slack, Duo, and more

  • Reporting, admin controls, and custom security policies

Growth is exciting. Don’t let security slow your business down.

Strengthen your security posture with business insights that give you the visibility you need to take action. Get alerted to possible data breaches, password health, and so much more.

Give your employees security tools they’ll want to use.

1Password Business Admin Dashboard with a good morning message, team overview stats, and various calls to action such as invitations and recoveries awaiting confirmation and weak or reused passwords to be corrected

Simplify security operations

Streamline adoption and monitor usage for your employees. Manage access, share credentials, and generate reports – all from one place.

1Password Insights dashboard with actionable alerts such as 1 data breach affecting 58 account members and 15 items not using 2FA

Recognize and act on risks

Monitor password health, potential data breaches, and user access from a unified dashboard so you can take immediate action.

Browser window on the Zoom login page, with 1Password offering to log in with a linked Zoom account

Pave the path to productivity

Make the secure thing to do the easy thing to do. Set up business password vaults to streamline credential management and lethelp teams share logins securely.

Protect your business with 1Password

A password manager that adapts to your business

1Password 8 for Mac lock screen with a “Sign in with Okta” button

Unlock 1Password with SSO

Single sign-on protects logins for approved apps covered by your SSO provider. 1Password protects virtually everything else.

1Password Business Admin Dashboard with a welcome message, team overview, and various actionable items and helpful links, such as quick access to 1Password Insights

Streamline provisioning

Spend less time on common tasks like provisioning and deprovisioning users by connecting 1Password to your identity provider.

1Password Business policies page with sections for managing authentication, app usage, identity provider configuration, and firewall policies

Customize policies in one place

Create, manage, and enforce policies to govern how and where employees use 1Password at scale.

Check compliance off your list

Easily generate comprehensive reports, and seamlessly integrate with tools like Splunk to create custom alerts and detailed logs.

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit

  • Audit security logs

  • Customizable access control policies

  • SOC2 Type 2 compliant

  • GDPR, CCPA compliant

  • Account recovery

The 1Password interface feels intuitive enough for any user to figure out on their own.

Witt Cunningham Senior Manager, Security Engineering at ChartHop

Learn how ChartHop uses 1Password

Security isn't a feature. It's our foundation.

Explore the 1Password security model

Secure by design

Unique dual-key encryption, a trusted SSO device model, or passkeys provide uncompromising enterprise protection.

Private by default

We can’t see passwords or sensitive information stored in 1Password, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it – and neither can anyone else.

Verified by experts

Regular third-party audits and the industry’s largest bug bounty help us act on threats before they can affect you.

Your business needs more than a service provider – you need a partner

Our support team is the best in the business (go ahead, ask around). Because security is a journey, not a destination – and we’re with you every step of the way.

1Password makes complex processes easier and integrates them seamlessly into practice. And, as a result, helps us stay true to Flo’s security and privacy principles.

Leo Cunningham, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Flo

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Frequently asked questions

    Weak and reused passwords are a leading cause of data breaches. Password managers like 1Password reduce the risk of security incidents by making it easy for your employees to generate, store, and autofill strong passwords. 1Password Business customers can also create security policies and custom rules, monitor sign-in attempts, and generate reports – among many other advanced features.

    Looking manage credentials and secrets for larger teams? Learn more about our enterprise password manager.

Secure your enterprise business with 1Password