Jeff Shiner

Jeff Shiner ,Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Shiner is the CEO of 1Password, a leader in human-centric security and privacy. Since joining in 2012, Jeff has grown the company from 20 people to a 900-employee global organization with a $6.8 billion valuation. Today, 1Password enables over 100,000 businesses and millions of individuals to navigate the digital world without fear or friction when logging in – and in less time. The company has been recognized on the Forbes Cloud 100 list and Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers.

Prior to joining 1Password, Jeff held leadership roles at IBM Canada and Rosetta and has a demonstrated history of growing technology companies. Jeff also currently serves on the Board of Directors of GenomOncology, a company that provides the healthcare community with data-driven insights to improve cancer care.

Jeff is a noted speaker at events like Web Summit, Collision, and the C100. He also provides regular commentary to top-tier publications like Fast Company, Forbes, ZDNet, and VentureBeat, among others.

When he’s not busy being a CEO, Jeff enjoys watching the 49ers, spending time on his tractor, and adding to his LEGO collection with his son – he’s the proud owner of more than 1,000 pounds of bricks!