The way we work has forever changed. 
The way we protect that work should too.

Hybrid work, an abundance of SaaS, and the urgency to increase productivity have resulted in an irreversible trend of employees bringing a multitude of unmanaged applications and devices into their work environments.

Balancing security and productivity 
has never been harder.

Security and IT are obligated to secure every sign-in to every application on every device. With the rapid increase in unmanaged applications and devices – often unknown to security or IT –  too many sign-ins are unsecured and too much data is at risk.

Securing access to only managed applications is no longer enough.

Identity and access management (IAM) secures managed applications. But what about the rest?  In today’s environment, businesses must extend beyond IAM to also secure the unmanaged applications and devices that have become integral to the way they work.

Businesses need to close their Access Trust Gap.

Traditional tools can only secure sign-ins to managed applications, which are just a fraction of the applications in use. What’s left are unsecured sign-ins to unmanaged applications, which creates a big Access Trust Gap. 

The Access Trust Gap is the percentage of all sign-ins to business applications that are untrusted – either because employees are signing in to unmanaged applications or because they’re signing in from untrusted devices. The larger the Access Trust Gap, the greater the risk of a data breach.

The Access Trust Gap keeps growing.

The changing landscape of work is putting the goal of complete access management increasingly out of reach.


of devices used in businesses are unknown to IT or security, or unmanaged*


of businesses allow personal devices for work**


more apps used for work today than 5 years ago***

We can’t go back to the old way of working.

 In order to be truly secure, businesses must have full confidence that every identity is authentic, every application sign-on is secure, and every device is healthy.

  • * Unmanaged Devices Run Rampant in 47% of Companies (Kolide Shadow IT Report)
  • ** Over half of employees using own devices and software to work from home (Tech Radar)
  • *** Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms (Gartner)

Introducing Extended Access Management (XAM)

Extended Access Management (XAM) extends beyond traditional IAM to secure the unmanaged applications and devices that are commonplace in the modern work environment. 

XAM is a comprehensive approach to user access that empowers companies to extend their policies in a way that allows employees to use the tools they need to be productive, while ensuring that access is secure across identity, device used, application accessed, and location.

Secure access to all applications, from any device, for approved identities – and only approved identities – with 1Password® Extended Access Management.

Every identity is authentic.

Validate the identities and permissions of your entire workforce and manage the full user lifecycle from end to end.

Every app is secure.

Provide secure access to every application. The ones secured with SSO or otherwise managed by IT –  and the unmanaged apps known as shadow IT.

Every device is healthy.

Block access to corporate resources from unhealthy devices – including personal devices – to simplify and expand compliance.

Secure every sign-in.

Sign in from any location on any device regardless of whether they involve single sign-on (SSO), passwords, multi-factor authentication, or passwordless/passkeys.

Extend access policies to every device.

Grant or deny access to apps based on dozens of contextual signals, including the state of the device they are using, credential strength, and more.

Leave no credentials behind. 

Secure every credential across managed and unmanaged apps and websites, with a user experience loved by millions since 2005, and trusted by more than 150,000 businesses.

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For the first time, it's possible to secure every sign-in, to every application, from every device. All in one place.

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