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Security simplified

1Password makes it easy to create and use strong, unique passwords. Secure all your accounts and log in to any app or service with a single click.

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Say goodbye to password spreadsheets

Securely share everything you need to work together. Give employees access to logins, documents, credit cards, and more, on all their devices.

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Instant control.

Effortless management

1Password is quick to deploy, simple to manage, and fits seamlessly into your team's workflow, so you can secure your business without compromising productivity.

  • Shared Vaults

  • Account recovery

  • Guest accounts

  • Built-in password generator

  • Invite your team via email or Slack

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Powerful tools that are easy to use

See if company email addresses or credentials have been exposed in a data breach, and get alerts when accounts are compromised, so you can update passwords right away.

  • Check for compromised, weak, and duplicate passwords

  • Identify websites that support two-factor authentication

  • Invite employees with exposed accounts to 1Password in minutes

  • Only fill account details on the sites where you saved them

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Trusted by over 80,000 teams

Discover how the world’s leading businesses are using 1Password.

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Need more control?

Get advanced permissions, increased oversight, and automated provisioning with 1Password Business. Ideal for larger teams with additional compliance and administrative requirements.

  • Custom groups and roles

  • Activity log and usage reports

  • Provisioning with existing IdP

  • Custom security policies

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Our comprehensive documentation and resources contain everything you need to get started. And, if you have any questions, our team is always on hand to provide expert, one-on-one support.

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