1Password 8: Power to the Macs

The world's best password manager is now even more powerful. Designed for uncompromising protection and productivity on macOS.

The all new 1Password 8

Blazingly fast and wrapped in a gorgeous new design, 1Password 8 is our love letter to Mac users everywhere.

Modern design

Built to match the power and beauty of macOS, our new Knox design language provides a vivid and vibrant experience at every turn.

Unparalleled productivity

Get your work done faster with streamlined workflows and the deepest integration with macOS ever.

Uncompromising security & privacy

1Password 8 adds even more tools and integrations to help you stay secure online.

Quick Access

All your 1Password data is just a shortcut away.

Ready when you are

Summon 1Password from anywhere on your Mac. Press Shift + ⌘ + Space to bring up Quick Access so you can look up credentials and fill them into apps and websites.

Smart suggestions

Quick Access provides contextual suggestions for any app you have open so you can autofill in a flash and get back to work without missing a beat.

Powerful keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard warriors will love the care and attention put into the fully keyboard-optimized experience.

Autofill everywhere

The most powerful autofill on the planet now goes beyond the browser.

Universal Autofill

For the first time, autofill works in Mac apps. 1Password fills usernames, passwords, and one-time 2FA codes to sign you in effortlessly.

Secure & accurate

Autofill uses accessibility frameworks and the 1Password brain to support apps of all shapes and sizes.

More than just apps

Whenever macOS requests your login password, 1Password will now fill that, too.

Browse securely with ease

Supercharge your browsing with the magic of 1Password 8.

Available everywhere you browse

Enjoy the full functionality of 1Password in your favorite browser. Autofill passwords, credit cards, addresses, and more.

Always ready to help

Autofill seamlessly handles login pages with multiple screens, two-factor authentication, and security questions.

Remembers everything you need

Save new logins and update existing ones directly from your browser.

Biometric unlock

The most passwordless password manager.

Touch ID

1Password at your fingertips. Unlock all of your accounts the same way you log in to your device, with full support for Touch ID.

Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch to unlock 1Password with a flick of the wrist.

Security keys

Use hardware security keys (like YubiKey or Titan) as the second factor for your 1Password account.

Get started with 1Password 8

Optimized for your Mac, with specialized builds for Apple Silicon and Intel.

Download 1Password 8


Be the first to know about security vulnerabilities with clear, actionable insights.


Get a bird’s-eye view of your security health. Easily identify threats so you know when and how to take action.

Actionable alerts

Watchtower suggestions appear directly on items that need your attention.

Security score

Use the built in actions to address issues and improve your overall security health, represented by a shareable score.

Tools to keep you organized

Store secrets your way, with multiple ways to structure your items.

Tags and categories

View items by category, or get granular with nestable tags, featuring automatic suggestions while assigning


Create as many Vaults as you need to organize and share your 1Password items.


Use Collections to group vaults together so you can focus on the things you need to see in the moment.

Easily find what you need

Your search just got superpowers.

Quick Find

Find items or jump directly to categories, vaults, or tags. Frequently used items are prioritized so you’ll always get the most relevant suggestions.

Smarter results

Our weight-based algorithm provides prioritized search results to get you to the items you need faster.

Advanced search

Filter search results using advanced operators to zero in on exactly the items you’re looking for.

All new item creation experience

Adding things to 1Password is easier than ever.

Store everything you need

Browse our curated Item Catalog to quickly add your favorite logins and discover other item types you can store.

New item suggestions

Get a head start on saving credentials for popular websites – you’ll even be prompted to use a shared vault when creating items that are often shared.

Rich item details

When saving a new login for a website or service, 1Password will automatically populate the web address and icon.

All new item editing experience

Take the hassle out of account changes.

Faster. Safer. Smarter.

Edit faster with autocompletion of usernames and tags. Edit safer with a new secure draft system that protects your changes.

Password generator

Redesigned to be easier to use while still giving you the security and control you need.


Attach important files directly to 1Password items so you can keep everything together.

Get started with 1Password 8

Optimized for your Mac, with specialized builds for Apple Silicon and Intel.

Download 1Password 8


Development teams deserve great UX, too.

SSH Keys

Generate, store, and use your SSH keys right from 1Password. Or import the ones you already have.

SSH agent

The built-in SSH agent integrates with your existing workflows, allowing you to authorize SSH commands with Touch ID or Apple Watch.

Command-line tools

Get passwords straight from your command-line, or integrate 1Password into your favorite tools.


Explore a world of services that extend your 1Password experience.


Keep your identity anonymous with Masked Email.

Have I Been Pwned

Protect your accounts with data breach notifications.

DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption

Upgrade to secure connections whenever possible.

And more

Privacy.com for unique credit cards, Brex to manage payments, and simpler crypto wallet access with Phantom.

Share the love

Online security for everyone.

Protect the whole family

Invite your loved ones and easily see who has access to shared accounts.

Built for Business

Protect your team or your entire company with 1Password Advanced Protection.

Share outside of 1Password

Securely share individual items with anyone – even if they don't use 1Password.

Safety nets

We've got your back.

Archive and Recently Deleted

Archive items that you no longer want to see. And if you recently deleted an item and change your mind, you can restore it.

Move confirmations

Confirm who will have access before moving an item to a shared vault.

Password history

See a full history of generated passwords to ensure you're never locked out.

And so much more

We've redesigned, refined, and reengineered every aspect to create the best version of 1Password your Mac has ever seen.

Learn how 1Password stacks up against other password managers
  • Redesigned, collapsible sidebar
  • Faster launch, unlock, browsing, and editing
  • Style notes with Markdown
  • Multi-line text fields
  • Back/forward navigation buttons
  • Unlock accounts separately
  • All Accounts view
  • Customizable sidebar
  • Responsive, resizable Large Type
  • Automatic migration from 1Password 7
  • Interface zoom settings
  • State restoration on launch
  • Pin/unpin item windows
  • Username suggestions
  • Collapsible sidebar sections
  • Window density settings
  • Security question generator
  • Gorgeous support for Dark Mode everywhere
  • Enable Dark Mode and re-read this page to see 😎
  • Switching to a smaller font so we can fit everything: All-new category & sidebar icons
  • Redesigned lock screen
  • Show password on lock screen
  • Inter typeface
  • Account avatars on lock screen
  • New setup experience
  • Crypto wallet and SSH key item types
  • Redesigned monochrome glyphs
  • Category filter in item lists
  • Streamlined item details toolbar
  • More discoverable New Item button
  • Informational empty states
  • Feedback when copying credentials
  • Reduced idle energy usage
  • Undo move, delete, and archive
  • Vibrancy effects in Quick Access
  • Safe right-click context menus in secure fields
  • Shoulder-surfing privacy protection
  • Keyboard shortcut reference
  • Tooltips on icon buttons
  • Automatic search scoping
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • Find-in-place in item list
  • Configurable menu bar icon
  • What’s New release notes
  • Vault sharing information in sidebar
  • View and restore recently deleted items
  • Dismissible Watchtower alerts
  • Easily add custom icons
  • User menu with accounts + Collections
  • Light sidebar in light mode
  • Easy conversion from passwords to logins
  • Double-click to open items in new window
  • Scan Emergency Kit to add accounts
  • Easy sign-in on 1Password.com
  • Cleaned up item list with Big Sur-style selections
  • Device setup assistant
  • Outlining support in text and note fields
  • Press / to search
  • Easy one-click installer
  • Editing toolbar
  • Mouse hover effects
  • New animations
  • Professional localization
  • Right-click menu on item fields
  • Scan 2FA from Watchtower
  • Change password on website from Watchtower
  • Preview or download files
  • Safe password generation
  • Associate logins with Mac apps
  • Autosubmit after filling
  • And our new unobtrusive automatic updater will no longer disturb you when you’re working or watching movies. 🍿

In the browser:

  • automatic inline suggestions
  • Smart password suggestions
  • Searchable password history
  • Save directly within webpages
  • Customize saved information
  • Easily tag new logins
  • Instantly see differences when updating logins
  • Username suggestions
  • Unified design with browser extension
  • Automatically fill 2FA codes
  • Setup 2FA with our instant QR code scanner
  • Paste two-factor codes from clipboard
  • Address suggestions
  • Fill, save, and generate SSH keys
  • Fill without the browser extension
  • More robust browser extension integration
  • Smart fill session manager automatically fills multi-page logins, including usernames, passwords, and 2FA codes

And for the technically inclined:

  • Generate Ed25519 & RSA SSH keys
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption
  • 256-bit AES keys
  • Tamper-proof, authenticated encryption
  • SOC II Type 2 Certified
  • Secret Key
  • Secure Remote Password (SRP)
  • Brute-force protection with PBKDF2
  • CLI command-line tool
  • That previous 3 letter acronym stores a serious amount of punch, including full CRUD for items, vaults, accounts, documents, and attachments
  • Inject secrets into config files
  • Safely add config files to source control with Secret References
  • Biometric unlock for CLI
  • Reduced memory usage in the background
  • Secure, privacy preserving logging
  • Safe password filling in Terminal
  • Clear secrets from memory when locked
  • Webauthn two-factor authentication
  • Privacy preserving Rich Icons
  • Nightly release channel
  • Lossless 1PUX export
  • Native architecture builds for Intel & Apple Silicon
  • Regular security audits
  • Accessibility audit
  • Internet Access Policy for reverse firewalls like Little Snitch
  • 8 audits from three external security companies, and counting
  • $1 million bug bounty, the largest BugCrowd program in existence
  • Recognized as securereriest by Ryan Reynolds