iPhone displaying the 1Password home screen with pinned fields, including the one-time password for an email account and Home Wi-Fi password, and “Recently Used” and “Recently Modified” sections. An iPad is centered in the background, showing all items across all categories in the middle column, and the detailed item view for PayPal.com in the right column.
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Requires iOS 15.5 or newer
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Get to know 1Password for iOS

Get to know 1Password for iOS

Learn how to autofill logins and payment cards, manage secure notes and sensitive documents, and more with 1Password for iOS.

Sign in with a glance or a touch

Unlock with Face ID or Touch ID to access all your items in 1Password or autofill as you browse the web with 1Password in Safari.

iPhone illustration with a single family home partially sketched on the screen and a pencil slightly outside of the iPhone frame, giving the impression that the pencil is in the process of completing the sketch of the home

Personalize your protection

Customize the home screen to make it yours, and pin individual item fields like one-time passwords for fast access.

Seamless sync between devices

Your data, wherever you need it. Add a new item from your iPhone or iPad and access it instantly in 1Password for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or in your browser.

More than just passwords

The alarm code for your house. The credit card PIN you haven’t yet memorized. Take everything you need when you're on the move.

Generic smartphone illustration displaying the 1Password lock screen, with dotted lines connecting the 1Password lock screen logo to four blue buttons with white icons depicting a wireless network, payment card, home, and website
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