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1Password browser extension displaying a list of favorited items to the left, with the highlighted item, a login for, displayed in the item detail view to the right and a search field and new item button at the top
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Supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
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1Password works everywhere you do. Easily sign in to sites, generate strong passwords, and find or autofill what you need in an instant. It’s all at your fingertips.

Illustration of the 1Password browser extension window displaying obfuscated fields containing sign-in credentials, with an arrow pointing to the Amazon sign-in fields as they would be displayed in a web browser, which have been autofilled by 1Password

What you need, when you need it

Automatically fill everything you need as you browse the web. Instantly submit passwords, credit cards information, addresses, and much more – even two-factor authentication codes for sites that support them.

Sign in with Google, Apple, and more

Did you use an email and password for this site? Or Microsoft? Or Facebook? Guess no more. 1Password remembers how you signed in, so you can log in quickly and get on with your day.

Illustration of a computer monitor and tablet, each displaying a sign-in field for Shopify, with an illustration of the 1Password browser extension dialog in the corner offering to sign in to Shopify with Google credentials

Seamless sync between devices

Access your passwords wherever you are. Anything you add to 1Password is automatically synced to your other devices. Quickly find the information you need with powerful search and custom tagging.

More than just passwords

Your credit card number. Reward program details. Billing addresses. There’s a lot you need to keep track of, but with 1Password it’s right there in your browser.

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Take control of your privacy and your digital life with 1Password for your browser.

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Beta Downloads

Feeling adventurous?

Try out our browser extension beta and be among the first to use 1Password’s newest features. Keep in mind that beta extension features are still in development so, while you may experience the occasional crash, your data will still be as safe as ever.

Download the 1Password browser extension beta: