Work securely, anywhere

Give remote and hybrid teams secure access to logins and important resources, wherever they are.

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1Password keeps your remote or hybrid workforce safe online by making it easy to create and use strong passwords. Sharing logins securely is simple, so you can give your team access to remote working tools, company passwords, or anything else they might need while working from home.

Enable instant, secure sharing

Only you can access your information using secrets that only you hold. 1Password uses 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption and other techniques to keep your data safe in transit and at rest. It’s never accessible to 1Password, or anyone else.

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Work securely, anywhere

Manage access from anywhere

Remotely manage access with fine-grained permissions. Grant workers immediate access to the logins and resources they need to work.

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Streamline administration with Slack alerts

Get notifications in Slack when important 1Password events happen. See pending team confirmations and recoveries, when new team members join, or when someone signs in on a new device.

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Slack alerts

Empower employees to work from home

1Password is quick to deploy and fits seamlessly into existing workflows, so teams can continue to deliver great work without interruption, all under the protection of industry-leading security.

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Work securely, anywhere

Give remote and hybrid workers secure access to logins and important resources, so they can work safer and smarter from home.

Used by

Companies that use 1Password: IBM, Slack, PagerDuty, GitLab, Under Armour, Intercom