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Top half of a Mac terminal window on a blue background. Code is displayed in the terminal, listing login details and a welcome message for 1Password CLI. A green Touch ID illustration sits just outside the terminal window, connected by a white line, suggesting the ability to log in to 1Password CLI with Touch ID.
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Learn how to use the CLI to put the power of 1Password at your fingertips.

Manage your secrets and team

Access and update your secrets in 1Password or provision users for accounts, groups, and vaults - all without leaving your terminal.

Provision secrets directly from 1Password

Use references to load secrets from 1Password into environment variables and configuration files at runtime, so you don’t have to put plaintext secrets in your code.

Sign in with biometric unlock

Scan your fingerprint or use other biometrics to seamlessly access your 1Password vaults, execute commands, or even authenticate other CLIs via an alias. No need to manually enter passwords.

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Download 1Password CLI

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