Demo On DemandIntroduction to 1Password Secrets Automation

1Password Secrets Automation is a new way to secure, manage, and orchestrate API tokens, application keys, and other secrets in your infrastructure, built on top of the trusted security architecture of 1Password.

In this introduction to 1Password Secrets Automation, join 1Password Chief Product Officer, Akshay Bhargava, and Principal Product Manager, Marc Mackenbach, to learn:

  • The organizational challenges Secrets Automation solves

  • How Secrets Automation adapts to your existing infrastructure

  • How better secrets management can clear bottlenecks and improve productivity

  • How to get started today with Secrets Automation

Our Speakers

Akshay Bhargava

Akshay Bhargava

CPO, 1Password

Marc Mackenbach

Marc Mackenbach

Principal Product Manager, 1Password

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