Demo On DemandTiny Tutorial: Switching from another password manager

Welcome to your 1Password Business or Teams account. If you’re wondering how to fully migrate to 1Password securely and efficiently, this on-demand webinar is for you!

Join Ellie MacDonald, a 1Password Onboarding Specialist, as she shares what’s unique about 1Password, and how you can safely (and above all securely!) transition from your previous business password manager to your new 1Password account. She covers:

  • Everything you want to know about 1Password’s unique two-key encryption.

  • Recommended steps administrators should take to prepare their team before making the switch.

  • How admins and end users can move their credentials to 1Password.

  • Best practices to keep your company’s data secure when using 1Password.

Our Speaker

Ellie MacDonald

Ellie MacDonald

Onboarding Specialist, 1Password

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