Webinar On DemandIdentity and access security in a growing business – a fireside chat with Synex Medical

Every security team knows that few things are as critical to protect as data. This is especially true when it's healthcare data and your team is distributed across two countries.

When the team at Synex Medical began an initiative to improve cybersecurity, they knew they had to start by securing every employee at every point of access, regardless of location or device used.

Join us for a fireside chat with Lee Jon Scramstad, Systems Architect at Synex Medical, where we’ll discuss:

  • Why standardizing access management was the starting point for improving security posture

  • How providing a secure method for sharing vaults and sensitive credentials, like SSH tokens, can improve productivity

  • How an enterprise password manager (EPM) complements SSO to protect employees no matter what applications they use

Our Speaker

Headshot of Lee Jon Scramstad

Lee Jon Scramstad

Systems Architect, Synex Medical

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