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Webinar On DemandSlash cart abandonment rates: How to transform ecommerce conversions

It's no secret shopping cart abandonment is still a challenge that plagues ecommerce businesses, significantly impacting their bottom line. Open secret: roughly 30% of online purchases are abandoned because customers can't remember their passwords. 

There’s now a way online shops can streamline the sign-in process and enhance security, all while boosting key business metrics. This is where passkeys come into play. Companies like Amazon, Best Buy, and others have implemented passkeys and the results are staggering. 

Join 1Password's CEO, Jeff Shiner, and CMO, Melton Littlepage, for a town hall-style webinar where they’ll draw from their extensive industry experience to discuss the future of using authentication to improve shopping cart conversion rates in the ecommerce space. They'll respond to questions from a moderator and directly from the audience, providing personalized insights and actionable advice to help you grow your business.

Join us on Tuesday, June 25 at 2 PM ET to learn:

  • Why marketing and product leaders should advocate for passwordless authentication to ensure they smash their key business metrics. 

  • What passkeys are and how they differ from traditional passwords.

  • Why adding passkeys to authentication leads to an increase in conversions and revenue.

Our Speakers

Jeff Shiner

Jeff Shiner

Chief Executive Officer, 1Password

Melton Littlepage

Melton Littlepage

Chief Marketing Officer, 1Password

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