How to turn shadow IT from a security risk into your team’s superpower

The term "shadow IT" refers to any hardware or software used by employees that aren't managed by their IT department. Team members use these tools to supercharge their workflows and productivity at work, often without their employer's knowledge or approval.

Shadow IT is on the rise, fuelled in part by the growth in remote and hybrid work. The trend can lead employees to unwittingly create vulnerabilities. That's why it’s never been more important to embrace shadow IT and make it a focal point of your organization's security strategy.

Join Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, as she explores:

  • How shadow IT exposes your business to external and internal threats.

  • The potential risks for businesses that don’t create policies around app downloads.

  • How employees downloading non-IT approved software can create security gaps.

  • How to mitigate shadow IT risks before they become a problem.

Our Speaker

Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor for Europe & Board Advisor

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