Live WebinarDevice health as a foundation of access control

Thursday, May 30th
9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

With remote work, bring-your-own (BYO) device policies, and cloud-based apps becoming commonplace, employees are increasingly working on devices that are outside of traditional corporate management.  Modern IT and Security teams need to make sure that every device accessing sensitive data is known (meaning it doesn’t belong to a bad actor) and secure (meaning it is in a secure, compliant state).

The friction between personal devices and security mandates requires going beyond identity and access management (IAM)  and mobile device management (MDM) solutions to make device health a requirement for authentication, even on unmanaged bring-your-own devices.

Join Jason Meller and Harry Robinson as they walk you through the device trust capability of 1Password® Extended Access Management. They’ll show you how the solution helps prevent unknown and wounded devices from accessing business data by checking the health of every device in real time and blocking access until unhealthy devices are compliant. 

Register for our webinar on May 30th 9 AM PDT / 12 PM ET to learn:

  • Why device trust should be a key component of your security tech stack.

  • How device trust works in 1Password® Extended Access Management.

  • How to safeguard unmanaged and BYO  devices without their compromising productivity – or adding to IT workload.

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Our Speakers

Headshot of Jason Meller

Jason Meller

VP of Product Management, 1Password

Headshot of Harry Robinson

Harry Robinson

Head of Sales, 1Password

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