Webinar On DemandThe New Perimeter: Access Management in a Hybrid World

Hybrid work fully embraces flexibility in its many forms. Employees can work from anywhere, on any device, with whatever applications best get the job done. This is the new perimeter security teams need to defend.

Legacy security tools can’t keep up with the explosion in the number of business and personal devices used for work or the number of new SaaS applications adopted in this new perimeter – and IT and security professionals are left to solve for those gaps.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how to simplify access management in this new way of working – and how to bridge the security-productivity gap in the process.

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  • Why securing credentials is critical in a hybrid world

  • How to maximize productivity and minimize security costs

  • How to secure every sign-in – whether supported by SSO or not

Our Speaker

Headshot of Andrew Stiefel

Andrew Stiefel

Product Marketing Manager, 1Password

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