Webinar On DemandA four-step plan for CISOs to manage human risk

With human related scams and phishing on the rise, human error is now recognized as a key contributor to the overall risk profile of an organization. For years, security teams have done a remarkable job of training users to understand risk, but this focus on creating awareness falls short of establishing lasting behaviors.

Guest speaker Jinan Budge, VP Principle Analyst at Forrester, will share a four-step plan that CISOs should follow to manage human risk. These steps provide principles for transforming employees’ security behavior and also includes initiatives that will win the hearts and minds of senior executives, employees, and customers.

Join us to learn more about how to:

  • Identify key stakeholders and threat communities.

  • Define your organization's behavioral baseline and target state.

  • Create initiatives that’ll influence each stakeholder community.

  • Measure and continuously improve the program.

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Our Speaker

Jinan Budge

Jinan Budge

VP, Principle Analyst, Forrester

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