Password management

Struggling to remember all of your passwords? That’s where password management with 1Password comes in. We make it simple to create, store, and use strong passwords for all your online accounts, so you’ll never waste time recalling or resetting a password again.

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Why is password management important?

Weak passwords that are too short, predictable, or re-used across multiple accounts cause 81% of data breaches. To keep your information secure, you need a strong, unique password for every account.

That’s where 1Password comes in. With secure password management from 1Password, you can:

  • Protect your digital life by creating and storing secure passwords for all your online accounts.
  • Save time by autofilling passwords and login details when you need to sign in to apps and websites.
  • Stay one step ahead of criminals by responding to alerts that tell you about weak and compromised passwords.

Your stored passwords, email addresses, and other private information are kept in an encrypted password vault for maximum security. Everything is protected by your account password and Secret Key – which only you know.

What else does 1Password do?

1Password doesn’t just generate, save, and autofill your passwords. It has other functionality that will help you secure and organize your entire digital life.

Create strong, unique passwords that keep your accounts secure

Use biometric identification to quickly and securely access your sensitive data

Act as an authenticator for sites that support two-factor authentication

Autofill your passwords on any device, operating system, and web browser

Keep your password vaults in sync across your computers and mobile devices

Save and fill credit card payment details, delivery addresses, phone numbers, and more

Share passwords safely and conveniently with your family and team members

Receive alerts about data breaches, reused passwords, and other security issues so you can change any affected passwords

Why not use a browser extension password manager?

Using your browser’s built-in password manager is better than nothing. But it’s not as secure, flexible, or convenient as a dedicated password manager like 1Password. Browser-based password managers only work in a single web browser, and many are only designed to store a few kinds of information. 1Password supports over 20 item types, including medical records, secure notes, and software license keys.

1Password works on unlimited devices and every major web browser, giving you more freedom and control over your digital life. You can also store and organize everything that’s important to you, including medical records and crypto wallet keys.

Secure password sharing

1Password makes it easy to securely share your passwords and other saved items. You can create shared vaults, choose which items to include in them, and then decide which family members or co-workers should have access. You can also use Item Sharing to share passwords and other items you’ve saved with anyone – even people who don’t use a password manager.

Airtight password security

Security is more than just a feature – it’s the foundation of 1Password. Zero-knowledge security means your data is always encrypted, and only you have access to the keys required to decrypt it. We never have access to your sensitive information or your account password, so your data is never shared, sold, or used by anyone but you.

Protect yourself with Watchtower

Watchtower monitors known data breaches and alerts you if any of your information shows up. You can then use 1Password to generate a new password for the compromised account, making the old credentials useless to any potential attacker.

Use 1Password with your family

Protect your family from hackers and other cybersecurity threats with 1Password Families. Everyone gets their own login and their own place to store passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive data. You can use shared vaults for items that everyone needs – like the Wi-Fi password – and assign a family organizer who can help other members recover their accounts if they lose access.

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Use 1Password at work

1Password Business lets you control what your employees can access, and what they can do with it. Shared vaults allow you to organize and separate your company’s sensitive data, ensuring that team members have access to everything they need, but nothing more. 1Password is the password manager that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows and keeps your team safe without slowing them down.

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The 1Password you need to remember

With 1Password, you only ever need to memorize one password. All your other passwords are protected by your account password, which we don’t know – only you do.

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