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1Password is loved and used by over 100,000 teams and businesses from start up to corporation in all sectors.

Geckoboard found it difficult to manage credentials across multiple departments and locations before 1Password.

Geckoboard uses 1Password to share their most valued information with team members in multiple locations. It helps them keep their data safe and accessible to their team.

Geckoboard’s growing team of 40+ spans eight time zones – from Mumbai to London, San Francisco to Hawaii, and more.

The company uses multiple shared vaults for their different teams. These include vaults for Customer Success, Marketing, Engineering and Operations.

Through their account, Geckoboard’s 1Password administrator was able to set up custom groups and roles to easily share items with the people that needed them.

Geckoboard uses 1Password Teams Geckoboard uses 1Password Teams
When asked, I tell people to just use 1Password Teams, it’s so much easier than anything else. I love the fact that it just works all the time. The password I want is always just there and I really like that. By far and away I think it is the best solution for password management.
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We believe that 1Password has a great combination of power, ease of use and security. Even our non-technical colleagues can easily use 1Password Teams and keep their data safe.

Netguru have been longstanding customers of 1Password, with their team first using our standalone product before moving over to 1Password Teams in early 2016. They rely on 1Password to keep their large team connected and secure as they work around the world.

Netguru relies on 1Password

CareClinic, a healthcare software company, uses 1Password to support their growing team.

1Password helps CareClinic share passwords securely with new employees. We take care of their password management so they can continue to grow, and simplify the way patients measure and care for their health.

We constantly have new engineers joining our company as we go through a period of strong growth. We use 1Password as a way to securely provide access to passwords during the onboarding process. Having a way to provide access to those that require it quickly has helped us keep our data safe and secure.

The ever-increasing team at Wonderbly has come to rely on 1Password as their password companion.

Wonderbly uses 1Password for simplicity, availability, and security.

1Password has substantially increased Wonderbly’s security and made it easier for everyone to use passwords. They picked 1Password because of three key things: the simplicity of use, availability on all devices, and most importantly, trusted security and privacy.

1Password is a core component of our IT infrastructure at Wonderbly. It allows each of our teams to securely share information needed to get their work done.

Meister , an international software development company, uses 1Password across their four locations to simply and easily share passwords as a team.

With new team members joining regularly, we wanted a secure means of storing and sharing company credentials with new staff without extensive on-boarding required - in 1Password Teams, we found the ideal solution. I would absolutely recommend 1Password as a password management solution for any growing team like ours.
1Password has played a large part in Meister’s fast growth and expansion, and is now a pivotal part of their workflow. Over the past two years, the company has opened two new offices in San Francisco and Seattle, in addition to their original offices in Vienna and Munich. Without 1Password, their multi-site setup would be much harder to manage.

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