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How Drift improves security oversight with audit trails and shared vaults

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Drift, the Conversation Cloud company, helps businesses connect with people at the right time, in the right place with the right conversation. Using the Drift Conversation Cloud, businesses can personalize experiences that lead to more quality pipeline, revenue, and lifelong customers.


  • Technology

Use Cases

  • Securing unsanctioned apps
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Fostering a culture of security
  • Secure credential sharing

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Drift employee working at laptop in office
Drift employee working at laptop in office

Key results

  • Access to apps not managed by single sign-on (SSO) is secured.

  • Audit trails keep track of how logins are being used across Drift’s business.

  • Employees practice good security habits both at work and at home with free 1Password Families accounts.


Drift helps businesses connect with customers by enabling personalized conversations via chat, email, video, and more.

With over 500 employees and a roster of customers that include globally recognized brands, protecting everyone’s information is an important part of their security team’s work. Drift Security Engineering Manager Mike Parent and IT Manager Will Baldwin understand why a password manager is a vital component to their security strategy.

Drift currently uses Okta, a single sign-on (SSO) provider, as part of their security ecosystem to secure and manage access to many of its enterprise tools. 1Password complements that existing ecosystem and helps foster a culture of security by making it easy for everyone to develop strong password habits.

Encouraging better password habits

Parent understands the value of adding a password manager to Drift’s security stack from his own personal use.

“I’ve used 1Password myself since before joining Drift,” Parent says. “The feature I use most often is the password generator. The ability to generate strong, unique passwords for every account is so valuable.” SSO helps Drift shrink its attack surface by reducing the number of passwords that every team member needs to create. But it doesn’t mean people automatically start creating strong passwords. 1Password makes it easier for everyone to protect their SSO account – and every online account that isn't covered by SSO – with a strong, unique password.

“My favorite 1Password tool is password generation because it’s easy and secure. The option to create a password consisting of four different, random words, makes it easy to remember a password that I might have to add manually,” Parent says.

1Password also gives Drift's security team an overview of everyone's password habits. And, if someone leaves the company, their accounts and passwords are still accessible to the Drift team.

We have a lot of outdated credentials saved in 1Password, but that’s allowed us to rescue certain situations where otherwise we'd have to contact former employees and have awkward conversations.

Will Baldwin

IT Manager

Securing team members without slowing them down

Using 1Password makes it even easier for Parent and Baldwin to manage Drift’s overall security. “We’re able to identify attributes, track network traffic, and establish an audit trail,” says Parent.

And a password manager gives everyone at Drift the tools they need to work securely, without compromising on productivity. “With 1Password, we’re able to give specific groups – like marketing and IT – access to shared vaults with the information they need,” Parent says.

Drift only has a single login for some apps and services. 1Password allows team members to share access to this single login without constantly sending a password over text message or email. “For accounts that don’t support multiple user accounts, 1Password makes it easy for anyone in my team to hop into a shared vault, find the password for the account they need, and be good to go,” Baldwin adds.

1Password is an important part of any company’s security stack, closing gaps and integrating seamlessly with other tools to help protect important information.

Our use of 1Password is always increasing because it’s easy to access. I feel better knowing that everything is stored securely, and that if there’s a compromise we won’t suffer from an attack.

Will Baldwin

IT Manager

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