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Providing the foundations for Sigrid.AI’s secure customer experience

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Sigrid.AI is a subscription-based, managed remote executive assistant service offering 
high-level administrative support at affordable rates worldwide. The Singapore-based technology company fuses their highly skilled staff with cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence.


  • Technology

Use Cases

  • Faster employee onboarding
  • Compliance and auditing
  • Secure credential sharing

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Sigrid employees working together in a conference room
Sigrid employees working together in a conference room

Key results

  • Wall-to-wall adoption across a global, distributed team.

  • Secure and private management of company and client data.

  • Security is an integral first step for new employees and clients.


In 2016, Paul Østergaard and Ida Marie Iuel co-founded Sigrid.AI when they realized the unmet demand for affordable, high-level administrative support. As a fully distributed team of executive assistants, specialists, and professionals, Sigrid.AI’s services aren’t restricted by conventional office hours or time zones. This enables them to deliver reliable, timely results to clients around the world.

With NYSE listed companies, CEOs, and private equity firms subscribed to their service, Sigrid.AI needed a way to safeguard their clients’ sensitive data.

Today, 1Password has become an integral part of Sigrid.AI’s business offering, allowing them to provide secure, remote administrative support to clients globally.

1Password has enabled us to provide world-class administrative support remotely to clients around the globe while maintaining the privacy and security of their sensitive data.

Paul Østergaard


Making security an essential first step

Sigrid.AI’s top priority is making it possible for anyone to access first-class administrative support. Key to their offering is providing peace of mind that sensitive information is managed securely.

Sigrid.AI has integrated 1Password into both its employee and client onboarding, making security an integral first step. When onboarding a new client, personal data and documents, like passwords, credit cards, social security numbers, and passports are organized and stored in shared vaults.

That way, Sigrid.AI can manage essential items for their clients like travel booking, online shopping, bill payments, and bookkeeping while keeping sensitive information secure.

Every team member at Sigrid.AI uses 1Password, and all of our clients are integrated into the 1Password ecosystem as part of our standard client onboarding process.

From day one we require our clients to use 1Password to share information with their executive assistant.

Paul Østergaard


Security without compromising productivity

As Sigrid.AI continues to grow, maintaining its level of service relies on providing a secure experience without slowing productivity. Custom groups and granular access controls make it easy, allowing the team to customize access by user, group, or vault.

This level of control ensures Sigrid.AI never has to compromise on its ability to offer round-the-clock support. “If a client’s primary executive assistant goes on leave, the data can be securely and temporarily shared with another executive assistant without fear of any security breaches," explains Østergaard.

1Password’s advanced reporting provides the tools to identify potential threats before they happen through tailored analytics, custom alerts, and detailed logs. The ability to use the activity log to monitor events has been invaluable for Sigrid.AI’s team.

By integrating 1Password into their onboarding flow, and using groups and vaults to safely share client information, Sigrid.AI can provide a secure experience that offers efficiency, protection, and peace of mind.

1Password is one of the best password and data management tools available. Its combination of ease of use, cross-device apps, and security features makes it the best choice for Sigrid.AI and our clients.

Paul Østergaard


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