Steve Won

Steve Won ,Chief Product Officer

Prior to joining 1Password, Steve Won served as Vice President of Product at e-commerce business, Shogun, where he oversaw the initiation of the product team as well as leading multiple high-impact partnerships programs. Previously, he was Head of Authentication Products at Duo Security. As an early employee, Steve contributed across Customer Success, Product Marketing, and Product Management disciplines as the company grew to become a leader in user authentication and was acquired by Cisco in 2018.

Steve believes that always starting from the customer and their hardest problems is the guiding principle of product leadership. His role at 1Password will see him continue to strengthen the bond between customers and the world-class security products they rely upon.

Steve lives in Seattle with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys cooking, loves hiking in the Pacific Northwest, and spent the past few years “unnecessarily” building small form factor PCs and custom mechanical keyboards in lieu of travel.

An avid user of 1Password since 2008, Steve lovingly describes 1Password as “the product that makes existing on the web bearable.”