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Secure your code from line 1

Develop and integrate with APIs, databases, and other applications without worrying about accidentally committing secrets to your code repository with 1Password IDE extensions.

Get started with IDE extensions

Detect secrets exposed in your code

Automatically identify secrets in your code as you work and store them in end-to-end encrypted vaults – all without leaving your IDE.

Replace credentials with secrets references

Avoid hard-coding credentials into your code by using secret references for the items you saved in 1Password.

Go ahead – commit your .env files with confidence

Streamline collaboration and boost productivity by sharing environment configurations with your team, without exposing privileged credentials in your repositories.

Deploy your code securely, everywhere

Eliminate secret sprawl by removing hard-coded credentials from your CI/CD pipelines and production deployments.

Learn about CI/CD integrations

Access secrets in CI/CD pipelines

Automatically sync secrets into your CI/CD pipelines with pre-built integrations for GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Jenkins, and options to build your own.

Provision infrastructure secrets in production

Secure, orchestrate, and manage infrastructure secrets, automatically loading them into server applications, cloud infrastructure, and more.

Choose how you deploy

Automatically access secrets stored in 1Password with Service Accounts and the CLI, or use Connect to deploy and sync secrets within your own infrastructure using a private REST API.

Automate secrets management

Stop manually rotating secrets and provisioning new users. Quickly manage and control access to secrets used in your company’s applications and IT infrastructure at scale with 1Password secrets management.

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Maintain a single source of truth

Centrally store, access, and share secrets used across your infrastructure and applications with service accounts, whether you're operating in multiple clouds or on-premises.

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Provision and manage access at scale

Following the principle of least privilege, define who has access to what by programmatically managing access to shared vaults and secrets.

Manage access to secrets

Automate common tasks with custom scripts

Reduce complicated and repetitive tasks – like rotating credentials – using 1Password CLI. Update once and sync across your entire infrastructure.

Learn about CLI

Secure your secrets with 1Password