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Featured native integrations

1Password identity provider selection setup for Microsoft

SSO and provisioning

Unlock 1Password with SSO, automatically provision and deprovision employees, and automate tasks like managing users and groups by connecting to Okta, Azure, OneLogin, Ping, and more.

Unlock 1Password with SSO
1Password monitoring service integrations

SIEM tools

Send account activity to Splunk, Datadog, and other SIEM tools with the 1Password Events API. Build custom graphs, dashboards, and alerts, or correlate 1Password events with other data.

Connect 1Password to your SIEM

1Password Developer Tools

Developers have secrets, too. 1Password streamlines how they manage SSH keys, API tokens, and other secrets by integrating directly with their IDE, terminal, and CI/CD tools.

Explore 1Password Developer Tools
1Password integrated development environment (IDE) integration

IDE integrations

Store secrets in encrypted vaults and access them in your code with references that are replaced at runtime.

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) integrations in 1Password

CI/CD integrations

Automatically sync secrets to your CI/CD environments with pre-built integrations, or create your own custom integrations.

Simple access to command line interfaces (CLIs) with 1Password Shell Plugins

Shell Plugins

Secure API access tokens in 1Password and authenticate third-party CLIs using biometrics with 1Password Shell Plugins.

1Password for SSH and Git

Generate, store, and use SSH keys directly from 1Password for your Git and other workflows. Push code, sign commits, and more with biometrics.

1Password two-factor authentication setup for Duo

Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of security by using Duo – or hardware keys like Yubikey or Titan – for two-factor authentication.

Manage 2FA

Build OR REQUEST AN integration


Request an integration

Request an integration to add your preferred tool to the growing list of identity provider, SIEM platform, and MFA provider integrations.


Build an integration

Developers can extend 1Password functionality by building their own Shell Plugin, integrating Passage by 1Password into other platforms, and so much more.

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses

Imagine you move from a sales team to a success team. The vaults you can access in 1Password are automatically updated through the Okta push group and the SCIM bridge. All we have to do is go into Okta and change what department you're in.

Ylan Muller, IT and SaaS Ops Professional, FireHydrant

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Integrate 1Password with your security stack