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We are artists, authors, chefs, musicians, and entrepreneurs. We’re a diverse bunch, dedicated to making everyone more secure online.

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Uniquely secure. Private by design

Security and privacy are the foundation on which we build our products and processes. Our decisions are made with the safety of our customers' data in mind. We believe that privacy is a right, and that everyone deserves visibility and control over what happens to their most valuable information.

Autonomy and responsibility

You have the freedom to solve problems your way, and the opportunity to make your mark.

Kindness is a necessity

We're inclusive, empathetic, and always treat each other with respect.

Everything you need

We'll set you up with all the tools and tech you need to do your best work.

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This “job” is not a job. It’s a daily opportunity to grow, learn, dream, adapt, laugh, strive and achieve. A dream ‘job’ in my case.
Senior Product Designer

Distributed by design

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Work from (almost) anywhere

If you’re entitled to work in a country where 1Password has an entity, we can employ you directly.

1Password Central Time

We all thrive in different conditions. We encourage you to work when you're at your best, and check in with your team during core hours that work for everyone.

Community at our core

Our talented team is made up of over 600 passionate individuals, working from all over the globe. We cherish the opportunity to work with and to learn from each other.

A photo of a 1Password employee.
At 1Password, I am doing work I fully believe in. I haven't had a crisis of conscience since I've been here, because I know we're fighting the good fight.
Team Lead, Customer Support (Android)

Culture of community

When we say bring your whole self to work, we mean it. You’ll join a diverse and inclusive community, built on trust, support and respect. Be yourself, find your people and share the things you love.

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A 1Password employee and their child. A panting white bulldog wearing a leash and harness lying on grass covered with dry, fallen leaves. A red 3D printed rocket ship.
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Come and be curious

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