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We’re looking for some new faces, talents, and explorers to join our team.

Our goal with 1Password is to make remembering and managing passwords a thing of the past. We built 1Password to make security accessible and easy.

It's a noble pursuit, remembering passwords for people. With everything the app does, it can always do better. Every day, we speak with hundreds of our customers about their experience with 1Password and we use that to improve it for everyone.

We're a team of just over 100 right now and we're looking to add even more wonderful folks. 👋

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Every day is different and exciting in its own way. They all still have some things in common: I'm surrounded by amazing people, there's always something new to learn and I can count on rewarding experiences.

Pilar Garcia


Pilar Garcia
If you have a great idea and people generally agree, you are encouraged to run with it and see where it takes you.

Chris Meek

Coder of Clouds

Chris Meek
Why you'll love working at 1Password - Job Perks

Why you’ll love it here

Work remotely, from anywhere, flexibly. You could be in a sweet home office, then a café for part of the day, and even in your camper on a caldera – so long as there's a reliable Internet connection. We've got folks in over 30 cities, from New Zealand to Germany to our little office in Toronto.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Flexible scheduling

    We have as few meetings as possible so you can focus on developing, supporting, or designing 1Password. That also means you can split your days and fit things to your schedule.

  • Monthly allowance to stay healthy

    Stay healthy away from the keyboard

    You'll get a monthly allowance for your gym membership, mountain biking, or another activity that gets you moving and staying healthy outside work.

  • Annual retreats on a cruise ship

    An annual retreat

    Spend a week in person with your coworkers on a cruise ship.

  • Tech allowance

    Tech allowance

    You'll get the gear you need to confidently build and support 1Password.

  • Competitive salary

    Competitive salary

  • Flexible time away

    Flexible time away

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Tools we use

1Password is cutting edge. Seriously. We sharpen the knives every few months, and sometimes just replace them entirely.

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It is wonderful. Our entire team is remote, which means everyone is on equal footing with regards to the work environment. (My answer would be quite different if I were the only remote engineer on a team where everyone else shared an office). At any given point I’m only a simple phone call away from being able to collaborate with the rest of my team. Additionally, working from home allows me to flex my hours as needed to take my kiddos to school, run a quick errand, or take a late night phone call if it’s needed.

Michael Fey

Cocoa Farmer

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