Everything you need to secure and manage your team


per team member

  • Store unlimited passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more.
  • Securely share items and documents with team members.
  • Manage your team from a single Admin Console.
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When it’s too important to go anywhere else.

1Password Teams gives you full control over who has access to your team's most important information. Now you can share the simple security of 1Password with everyone.

Tools that give you control.

Manage what your teammates can see and do using the Admin Console. Instantly deploy, grant and revoke access to shared vaults. You can even securely recover locked-out user accounts.

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Secure teams are productive teams.

Keeping everyone safe can feel like a full time job. The less time you need to spend dealing with hacks, phishing scams, and lost passwords, the better.

Give your team the tools they need to take security into their own hands. And it’s so easy to get started, they’ll thank you for it.

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Conquer bad security habits.

Emailing passwords is just the tip of the bad-security iceberg. IM, post-it notes, broken telephone. They’re not safe, and they don’t scale.

1Password Teams makes it super simple and safe to share all those passwords with the whole office. Items show up on your teammates’ devices automatically, so no one has to worry about staying in sync.

Loved and used by millions.

Everywhere. Get your secure data on your phone, your desktop, your wrist, and the web.

Security is not just a feature. It’s our foundation.

Every design decision in 1Password Teams begins with the safety and privacy of your data in mind. For us, security involves more than just bolting on encryption and enabling SSL. It takes a combination of policy, innovative thinking, and a deep respect for your right to privacy.

For more than (just) passwords

PasswordsA safe haven for all your team’s passwords, licenses, and authentication codes.

FinancesFor everything from joint bank accounts to the office credit card. There’s never been a better way to manage shared finances.

DocumentsConfidential, meet convenient. Access your secure documents anywhere. And you decide who gets to see them.