Webinar On DemandThe business need to solve for shadow IT

You can't ban shadow IT. Heck, a lot of times you can’t even see shadow IT apps. But you certainly can't ignore them, either. So what does a security team do about shadow IT? How do you secure the devices and apps that workers use without the oversight – or even knowledge – of IT?

How do you manage the unmanageable?

Securing shadow IT starts with embracing it. To do that, companies need to understand why everyone's using it in the first place.

Join us to learn:

  • How teams like Marketing, HR, and Finance turn to shadow IT to be more efficient.

  • The unique secrets management needs of developers.

  • Why SSO isn't enough.

  • How to protect the company by securing every sign-on by every team to every application - including the shadow apps that you may not even know exist.

Our Speaker

Headshot of Marc von Mandel

Marc von Mandel

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, 1Password

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