Webinar On DemandKeep sensitive data secure and improve cross-team productivity – a fireside chat with Pathify

Every business shares secrets. Whether it’s internal or external, there’s always sensitive information exchanging hands. And in the rush to collaborate and get work done quickly, insecure sharing can sometimes become the default option.

This was the case for Pathify – a remote-first company that creates customizable dashboards for higher education institutions. Pathify was growing fast. That was great for business, but it came with the challenge of sharing information both quickly and securely. With 1Password, securing their company came with the added benefit of boosting productivity.

Join us for a fireside chat with Nicole Robertson, Enterprise Architect & Security Officer at Pathify, where we’ll discuss:

  • How faster and more secure collaboration increases productivity.

  • How fostering a security culture saves your company time and money.

  • How implementing a password manager empowers organizations to grow securely.

Our Speaker

Image of Nicole Robertson

Nicole Robertson

Enterprise Architect & Security Officer, Pathify

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