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You don’t reuse passwords, so why are you reusing your usernames?

Why should I use a unique username?

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What makes a username unique?

Ever add an extra number or symbol to an already-used handle to make it “different”? Do you use a variation on your own name or add some other personal identifying information – like your birth year – to make your username “unique”? You’re not alone. But using personal identifying information or making a small change isn’t enough. A secure username isn’t just unique, it’s also random. Attackers know how to capitalize on human error, so let our random username generator outsmart them for you.

Creating a random username with a username generator tool

When should I use a unique username?

You wouldn’t use the same password for your bank and Netflix accounts, and you shouldn’t use the same username either. There are instances where you might need to use the same username – maybe you have a business where you need name recognition across accounts – and that’s okay. But make sure you’re using strong, unique passwords and enabling 2FA on any accounts sharing a username.

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