The ever-increasing team at Wonderbly has come to rely on 1Password as their password companion. Not only has 1Password substantially increased their security, but it’s also made using passwords easier and better for everyone.

Wonderbly team

Wonderbly is an award-winning publishing startup that plays in the intersection of storytelling and technology. Based in London, the company publishes children’s books - customized to each and every reader. Since 2012, they have sold 3 million books in over 200 countries.

In just five years, the Wonderbly team has grown from 4 to nearly 100, and with more and more books being released, that team continues to grow.

We spoke to Shimon - Studio Manager at Wonderbly about his experience of looking after his 1Password team and using 1Password in his daily work life.

We wanted to have something that we could easily access from all our devices, and to be able to trust that our passwords were safe - that’s why we chose 1Password.

1Password was picked by the team at Wonderbly because of three key things: the simplicity of use, availability on all devices and most importantly, trusted security and privacy.

Nearly their whole team uses the apps across Mac, Windows and mobile, and they have a number of contractors using 1Password too.

1Password is a core component of our IT infrastructure at Wonderbly. It allows each of our teams to securely share information needed to get their work done. Because 1Password connects with many major apps, and is available through the browser, it means that the passwords we need are always right there.

With multiple locations, the instant sync and collaborative sharing that 1Password Teams provides lets the Wonderbly team work together even though they are hundreds of miles apart.

We recently opened a design studio in Portugal. 1Password helps us to collaborate across our locations.

We built 1Password to be easy to use every day. The apps work everywhere you do, and our award-winning design means that it’s an app you will want to come back to again and again.

The thing that I love most about 1Password is that it integrates with all the apps and services I use, both on the browser as well as through my mobile. If you are looking for somewhere to store and share your important passwords and information, 1Password is great.