Unbabel started using 1Password Teams as a way to solve the problems of ease of access and security of information when exchanging passwords and other data. Now, only a short while after adopting 1Password into their workflow, the team are able to access the information they need, on the device they need it - securely and efficiently.

Unbabel team

Unbabel is a former Y Combinator company that offers translation as a service to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering human quality translation and fully enable global connections. Unbabel combines machine translation with crowd editing for accurate, natural results. The company has offices in San Francisco, California and Lisbon, Portugal.

With a team located on multiple continents and a company culture that promotes remote working, Unbabel needed to find a way to securely share password information with other members of the team.

Before 1Password, they were forced to rely on potentially insecure methods such as email and Slack.

As well as a location challenge, Unbabel also needed to create password separation between their teams, as their customer support team didn’t need their development passwords and vice-versa.

Unbabel have integrated 1Password into their workflow, using multiple vaults to manage their teams’ passwords and secure information. They use both the desktop and mobile applications to give secure password access to their team of nearly 110 people.

The team uses the group and access management features built into 1Password Teams to maintain security for their team members and important information. It also makes it super easy to provide new team members with the passwords they need.

1Password makes it super easy to share credentials in a safe way. It's also a lot easier to access them. It’s non-intrusive and easy to use. I would recommend 1Password Teams to others looking for a secure password management solution.
  • Marcelo Lebre
  • VP of Engineering
  • Unbabel