Protect your Team

Power-up your teammates to work better, smarter, secure-er together.

Say goodbye to insecure sharing.

People are endlessly creative when it comes to finding new ways to share passwords. But sending out mass emails and Excel spreadsheets just isn’t safe — period.

1Password uses end-to-end encryption across your entire Team, so it’s the safest way by far to share important data. And it works with teams of any size.

When your entire team practices safe sharing, everyone’s a superhero.

Up Their Password Game.

You know how important it is to use strong, unique passwords everywhere, but if one person doesn’t, your whole team is put at risk.

With 1Password Teams, no one has to be the weakest link. It’s easy for your teammates to generate strong passwords for all their accounts — passwords they won’t have to memorize or type in by hand. And it’s just as easy for them to change those passwords when they need to.