Geckoboard uses 1Password across multiple team members and locations to share their most valued information internally, keeping it safe whilst easily accessible to their team.

Founded in 2010 with a London headquarters, Geckoboard serves thousands of customers around the globe. Their product, a quick-to-setup live TV dashboard software for teams to display important business metrics on office walls, is used by some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, including Slack, Skyscanner, Airbnb and more.

Geckoboard’s growing team of 40+ spans eight time zones - from Mumbai to London, San Francisco to Hawaii and more.

With multiple departments and teams spread across multiple continents, making passwords available securely was not simple for Geckoboard before 1Password Teams came along.

Geckoboards software integrates with 60+ technology partners, so they have lots of API keys and credentials for test accounts to manage these integrations.

"We had some test credentials stored in a private spreadsheet, and some in a legacy 1Password vault, synced over Dropbox. Whilst it was secure and just about worked - it was messy and hard for team members to always know where to get the logins they needed."

The company was not only at risk of the team not being able to access vital information, their process also made new user onboarding a technical challenge, with access needing to be granted to multiple cloud services, documents and folders for each new person that joined. This was a big challenge for a fast growing business.

"The onboarding is amazing!"

When a new member of the team joins Geckoboard, they can quickly be added to the vaults that are relevant to them, giving access to passwords, company financial information and other important documentation in an instant.

"1Password is a lot more approachable for new people. I get quite excited about that. 1Password Teams removes a lot of the headaches around onboarding new team members."

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