Admin Tools

1Password puts you in full control of your team.

Deploy like the wind

Create all the vaults your team needs and assign access all from a single interface.

New vaults show up on your teammates’ devices instantly — no configuration necessary. And vaults can be revoked just as quickly.

Rally your forces

Grow your team exactly as you need to. Invite team members one by one, or automate signup by sending out a link that anyone in your domain can use.

Once your teammates receive their invitation they simply need to click the link, enter their name, and choose a Master Password. The setup experience will quickly and easily walk them through account creation.

Account Recovery: Be a Master Locksmith

In a team environment you just can’t afford to get locked out of critical systems every time someone forgets their password.

1Password Teams introduces an innovative new feature called Account Recovery. You as the Admin have the exclusive ability to restore access to an account if the Master Password is lost. That’s something we (AgileBits) can’t do.

Guests: Forge Alliances

You don’t need to resort to unsafe sharing methods just because you’re working with someone outside of your Team. Invite them as a Guest and they’ll only have access to the information you wish to share. And when the project’s done, removing them is just as easy.

We originally added Guests so we could share key information with external security auditors. We liked them so much, we made them available to everyone.

Roles: Delegate Your Powers

As an Admin you have many powers, but there’s no need to do it alone. Selectively share your responsibility with others so you’re not a bottleneck for every simple change that your Team needs.

Designate other team members as Admins or give them the ability to recover locked-out accounts. You can even assign team leads as Vault Managers, allowing them to take care of adding and removing people as needed.