Business Resources: The ultimate guide to small business security

$4.24 million is the average cost of a breach. 70% of cyberattacks target SMBs. 60% of hacked small businesses close in less than 6 months.

What you will learn

Cybersecurity for small business is more crucial than ever, and there are steps you can take today to protect your data. Download and read how:

  • Cybersecurity strategy is quickly evolving due to remote work and other digital trends
  • Employee education is the single most important step in small business security
  • Done right, SMB security can boost productivity and create lasting change in your organization

Even with a small team and tight resources, there are steps you should take to protect one of your greatest assets: your data. Being a small business can even be an advantage, as we’ll see.

Learn how to protect your small business from online threats

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