Reports: Preparing for a passwordless future

A bar graph showing that only a quarter of people (25%) have heard of 'passwordless,' but more than half (58%) are open to using something other than a password to log into their accounts.

Passkeys are emerging as a more secure, simpler approach to signing in that doesn’t require a password at all. Unlike passwords, passkeys don’t need to be memorized, there’s no such thing as a "weak" passkey, and they can’t be stolen in a data breach.

To better understand receptivity to a passwordless future, 1Password surveyed 2,000 adults in North America on their attitudes about passwords, as well as their understanding and openness to adopting new technology.

This report covers:

  • The challenges of juggling a growing number of logins in daily life.
  • How passkeys can make phishing, a popular form of hacking, entirely obsolete.
  • What consumers need to feel confident and comfortable with using new technology.
  • Tips and resources to help you navigate toward the passwordless future.

Passwordless technology brings great benefits for companies and their customers alike—making it easier to securely access online services while greatly reducing fraud and user frustration.

Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and CMO, FIDO Alliance

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