Business Resources: Managing the unmanageable: How shadow IT exists across every team – and how to wrangle it

You're only as strong as your weakest link which means any user, in any department, becomes a potential for malicious actors when left unprotected.

Finance needs to secure login credentials for banking apps not covered by SSO. Marketing needs to share the Instagram login with the whole social media team. Developers need an easy way to access secrets – so they don’t have to hardcode them into code.

How do you protect what you can’t see? You start by making the secure way to work the easy way to work.

Download Managing the unmanageable to learn how to secure the apps and devices that live in the shadows and reap the productivity benefits that come with shadow IT.

You’ll learn:

  • Why SSO isn’t enough (and why it can get expensive).
  • The specific shadow IT and access challenges different departments face.
  • The unique vulnerabilities those challenges create within the company.
  • Why securing access to shadow IT starts with embracing shadow IT.

You have to empower every employee across each department with solutions that can make sure that every sign-in and access point is secure, while also giving you full control to enforce access permissions.

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