How to look up your saved passwords on an iPhone

1Password gives you access to all your saved passwords and anything else you’ve stored in your vaults anytime, anywhere. Need to find, edit, or autofill your saved passwords on an iPhone? No problem. You can do that and so much more with 1Password for iOS and 1Password for Safari.

(Note: This page explains how to access the passwords you’ve saved in 1Password. Use this guide if you’ve stored your passwords in Apple’s iCloud Keychain.)

1Password for iOS gives you immediate access to all your saved passwords. It doesn’t matter whether you originally created or saved them using 1Password for Mac, 1Password in the browser, or any other 1Password app. A 1Password membership means your data is kept in sync across all your devices, including your iPhone.

To access your saved items on 1Password for iOS, simply:

  • Find and open the app on your device.
  • Tap the “Categories” tab, followed by “All Items”.
  • You can then scroll through everything you’ve saved in 1Password, including usernames and passwords.
  • Use other categories, like Logins or Passwords, to see different subsets of your saved items.
  • Select the search bar and start typing to look up a specific item.

You can also create Favorites and Tags to make it even easier to pull up the passwords you need, whenever you need them.

Setting up autofill in other iOS apps

Once you’ve set up 1Password on your iPhone, you can use it to save and autofill your information in other iOS apps. Just follow these steps:

  • On the home screen, tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Passwords”, followed by “Autofill Passwords”
  • Turn on “Autofill Passwords”
  • Under “Allow Filling From”, tap “1Password”

Now you’ll be able to save and autofill logins without looking them up in the 1Password app.

Autofilling logins and other information on iPhone

When you tap on a username or password field, 1Password will suggest a saved login item above the keyboard. If you don’t see the saved item you’re looking for, or have more than one login for the app, just tap the key icon to see all your saved passwords and choose the one you need at that moment.

1Password for Safari on iPhone

You can also get the full 1Password experience in the iOS version of Safari. That means you can look up, edit, and use saved passwords without leaving the website you’re currently looking at. You can also generate and save strong passwords for all your online accounts and autofill credentials whenever you need them on the web.

How to get 1Password for Safari on iPhone

Follow these steps to get started with 1Password for Safari on your iPhone:

  • Visit this page and download 1Password for iOS from the App Store
  • Open Safari to any website and select the “aA” icon in the address bar. (If you’re using an iPad, tap the puzzle icon in the address bar.)
  • Choose “Manage Extensions” and turn on 1Password, then choose “Done”
  • To make sure you can always fill your passwords and other items, you’ll need to allow 1Password for Safari to have access to all websites
  • Select aA in the address bar, then select 1Password (if you’re using an iPad, tap the puzzle icon in the address bar, then choose 1Password)
  • Select “Always Allow”, then select “Always Allow on Every Website”

The best way to manage passwords on your iPhone

A password manager makes it easy to save, look up, and use strong passwords. If you’ve signed up for 1Password and own an iPhone, you can find your saved passwords in a few different ways: by browsing the app, using autofill, or opening 1Password for Safari. This ensures that your passwords are always at your fingertips and never interrupt your flow while logging into apps and online accounts.

Try 1Password for free and discover the simplest way to sign in to apps and accounts on your iPhone.