Business Resources: The new perimeter: Access management in a hybrid world

70% breaches in 2023 involved an identity element.

Any device. Any application. Any location. Any employee. These are the vectors that every IT and security professional must account for when ensuring the security of their company and data. These are the challenges of modern access management.

Addressing this new perimeter requires that every sign on across every employee is secure, including applications and tools that aren’t supported by traditional SSO or would be considered shadow IT.

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  • Why reducing risk starts with securing employee login credentials.
  • How better credential management can make the productive way the secure way for a remote workforce.
  • How to secure every sign-in – and why single sign-on alone isn’t enough.

The days of badging into a building and signing onto a network are long gone. Welcome to the new era of needing to validate a user’s identity and secure access regardless of location, device, or application being used.

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