Business Resources: 9 principles for a better company password policy

Chart showing examples of how people commonly take 'the easy way' out of changing their passwords. For instance, changing it from 123456 to 123456$.

What you will learn

This guide will teach you how to write the perfect password policy. One that’s strong enough to protect your business, but not so complicated that employees will ignore it. You’ll learn:

  • Why numbers and symbols should be optional
  • The importance of passphrases
  • How to make your policy a success with a business password manager

Many companies force their employees to change their passwords on a 30- or 60-day basis. But you don’t need to make this part of your policy, because a strong password is a strong password. It’s like hiring a world-class boxer to guard a nightclub, only to fire them and hire a different but equally capable boxer the following month.

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