Reports: Distraction on overdrive: Security in a time of permacrisis

What you will learn:

The report explains how this state of “permacrisis” is creating more distractions for employees, and the impact this might be having on people’s security hygiene. It also highlights the importance of implementing easy-to-use, human-centric security solutions at work. In the report, you’ll learn:

  • The concept of permacrisis, and how it’s impacting the modern workforce.
  • How distractions threaten good security practices.
  • How to arm your workforce with easy-to-use tools that promote good security practices.

Every crisis creates an opportunity for criminals to exploit victims via social engineering as they take advantage of psychological weaknesses. Many of the traditional human vulnerabilities are at greater risk in a time of permacrisis; curiosity, the power of authority figures, manufactured urgency, greed, and other weaknesses that will continue to be used to the attackers’ advantage. As the level of sophistication increases, even the most tech-savvy of us can fall victim to a well-crafted attack, and it’s our job in the industry to build more resilient systems and tools.

Troy Hunt - Founder, Have I been Pwned

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