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man sitting at table using tablet and laptop to manage access with 1Password XAM

You need more than what today’s access management tools offer

Today’s security tools only secure access to some applications, some devices, and some people. With remote work, bring-your-own device, and shadow IT apps becoming commonplace, the number of unsanctioned apps and untrusted devices is rapidly climbing. Businesses are stuck relying on traditional identity and access management solutions, which were built for a way of work that no longer exists.

Modern IT and Security teams need Extended Access Management

 Extended Access Management ensures that every identity is authentic, every application sign-on is secure, and every device is healthy. It’s the only solution that helps companies secure access to all applications from any device in today’s SaaS-centric hybrid work environment.

Comprehensive visibility

See and secure all identities, applications, and devices to protect against the risk of data breaches from a single pane of glass.

Accelerate security remediation

Enforce policy and identity safeguards to make sure only trusted users on secure devices can gain access to business data.

Simplify access

Manage access permissions for both admins and end users for all types of applications and devices.

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See how 1Password combines user identity, application insights, device trust, and enterprise password management in one place.

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Secure access for the way businesses work today

1Password Extended Access Management secures user access across every identity, device, application, and location. Here’s how it works.

Access management controls in 1Password XAM

Secure your workforce

User Identity
Extend single sign-on to every application, including unsanctioned apps, providing secure access to every website and app to mitigate vulnerabilities. Manage the user lifecycle from end to end to reduce risk and secure every authentication, no matter how users sign in.

Public beta coming soon.

Device management detailed reporting in 1Password XAM

Secure your devices

Device Trust (Kolide by 1Password)
Keep unknown and wounded devices away from your sensitive data. 1Password Extended Access Management checks the health of every device – even for bring-your-own devices and contractors. Block access to apps until end users have completed important security tasks, like addressing a Watchtower alert, updating their applications and browsers, or fixing serious device compliance issues.

Application management reporting in 1Password XAM

Secure all applications

Application Insights
Employees use tools that make them more productive, often without IT approval. 1Password Extended Access Management gives businesses visibility into the applications their employees are actually using. When unsanctioned apps are discovered, admins can guide users towards company-approved applications, or manage access to unmanaged applications.

Public beta coming soon.

1Password's enterprise password manager

Secure your credentials

Enterprise Password Manager

1Password Extended Access Management includes the most usedenterprise password manager, which is trusted by over 150,000 businesses and millions of consumers. Since 2007, 1Password has made the secure way to work the easy way to work.

1Password makes complex processes easier and integrates them seamlessly into practice. And, as a result, helps us stay true to Flo’s security and privacy principles.

Leo Cunningham, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Flo

Key capabilities of 1Password Extended Access Management

Figma account sign in using single sign on (SSO) by 1Password

Universal Sign-On

Secure end user authentication methods, whether they access managed or unmanaged apps through single sign-on (SSO), passwords, multi-factor authentication (MFA), or passkeys.

access control policy configuration in Extended Access Management by 1Password

Contextual access policies

Grant or deny access to apps based on policy, factoring in dozens of contextual signals in real time during authentication, including the state of the device they are using, credential strength, and more.

application management interface in 1Password Extended Access Management

Application visibility

Gain real-time visibility into both managed and unsanctioned SaaS apps employees are using. Analyze application usage data across corporate and bring-your-own devices.

"device management inventory in Extended Access Management by 1Password

Self-serve remediation

Guide end users through remediation with clear instructions so they can regain access quickly, without help from IT, when their access is blocked by policy due to a device health issue.

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