1Password Families

Meet the family password manager that’s ideal for your whole household.

Your family’s safe deposit box with a digital key.


1Password is the easiest and safest way to share passwords, credit cards, and anything else that’s too important to email.


1Password helps your family practice smart online security by generating strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts.


1Password remembers everything for you, keeps it safe, and automatically signs you into your favorite sites with a single click.

A secure online life with 1Password Families
Set permissions

Permission granted.

Decide who you share your information with and what they can do with it.

Give your loved ones the tools to stay safe online without taking away their independence.

Keeping it personal.

Not everything needs to be shared with the whole family. Personal vaults let everyone keep their own private passwords and documents, all managed under a single subscription.

1Password Personal vaults

With 1Password Families, you get…

Protection for the whole family

Protection for the whole familyFive people can join in and have individual accounts on your single subscription. They don’t even have to belong to the same household.

1Password on the go 1Password on the goSign in to your account, view and edit your items, and manage your family from your web browser.
Award-winning 1Password apps Award-winning 1Password appsYour subscription includes the latest, full versions of the 1Password apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android at no extra charge.
Always up-to-date Always up-to-dateYou will always get the latest versions of 1Password and all new features as soon as they come out. Never pay for upgrades again.
Secure documents Secure documentsYour family gets 1 GB of encrypted storage for documents, which you can share and access securely from anywhere.

Use on all your devices — for freeDon’t stress about licenses — install 1Password on as many computers and devices as your family owns.

Seamless sync Seamless syncAll your data appears instantly on all your devices with no work on your part whatsoever. There is no sync service to set up.
Item history backup Item history backupGo back in time up to one full year and recover passwords which you or your family members have deleted or changed.
Watchtower service Watchtower serviceReceive around-the-clock alerts whenever there are security breaches for the services and sites that your family uses.
24/7 support 24/7 supportGet free, one-on-one support from 1Password employees whenever you need it. We’re here to help you at any time of day or night.

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