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If 1Password is a ship, our Steward of Search is the one that helps people find where to go and makes sure as many people as possible can get there with us 🛳️.

We are looking for someone who cares deeply about getting people to where they need to be — on a ship that might be the engine room or the bridge, but on the Internet it’s more likely to be helping people find 1Password via Google or the App Store.

Okay, we might have taken the nautical theme too far, so if you prefer your job descriptions a little more traditional, read on for some of the things we are looking for our Steward of Search to know and do.

What you have

What you might also have

What you'll do

Over your first six months at 1Password, you'll be expected to reach the following milestones:

If this sounds like a ship you want to board, let’s talk. 💬

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Work remotely, from anywhere, flexibly. You could be in a sweet home office, then a café for part of the day, and even in your camper on a caldera – so long as there's a reliable Internet connection. We've got folks in over 30 cities, from New Zealand to Germany to our office in Toronto.

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